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Please look at the NEWS and the ChangeLog for all the gory details.

GNU m4 uses GNU Automake and GNU Autoconf for configuration.

This has been long overdue and now hit is done thanks to Erick Branderhorst.

GNU m4 uses GNU gettext for internationalisation.

GNU m4 now speaks several languages. Translations for german french italian japanese dutch polish romenian and swedish have been made.

Support for multiple precision arithmetic in eval.

If appropriately configured GNU m4 can now do multiple precision arithmetic in the build in macro 'eval'. If not configured GNU m4 will use the largest integer available for its calculations.

An input syntax table to change how input is parsed.

A new build in macro 'changesyntax' allows finer control over how input characters are parsed into input tokens.  It is no possible to have several one character quote strings or comment delimiters to change the format of macro calls to use active characters like in TeX and probably most useful to change what input characters are treated as letters when looking for macro calls.

See the manual section for more details.

Support for loadable modules.

GNU m4 now has support for dynamic loading of compiled modules at runtime. A module can define any number of new build in macros which will be indistinguishable from the standard set of build in macros. Modules can also override existing build in macros.

Better control of sync-lines generation.

The new build in macro 'syncoutput' allows better control of the generation of sync-lines. They can now be turned on or off at will.