René Seindal

Seindal Consult

Seindal Consult is my little, mostly one-man company. I've been in business since 1990, initially doing Unix related jobs, later also Internet jobs.

Currently most of my effort go into affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can be a bit hard to explain, but it is about helping other companies sell their goods in return for a commission of the sales generated. The affiliate doesn't handle inventories, payments, shipping etc. Rather the affiliate is a mediator that puts buyer and selling in contact with each other, after which the sale takes place directly between the two.

For the beginner posters and art prints are reasonably easy to sell and offer good commissions, in the range of 25%-30%, but the choice of products to promote all depends on the web-site where they are advertised.

There are many good sites on affiliate marketing and search engine optimisation. Some of my favourites are WebmasterWorld and ABestWeb.

Otherwise I do various technical jobs, like installation and configuration of Linux-based servers, including mail, web, news, dns, file sharing etc., but by now it is mostly a side-show.

Some years ago I was part owner of a company where I developed a CMS system that was used by several clients, including the European Commission's office in Denmark, the Danish Centre for Human Rights, the University of Roskilde and others. Those skills in design and development of web based applications are now put to use building sites for affiliate marketing.

My favourite tools for all of the above are Debian Linux, GNU Emacs, Perl, Apache, mod_perl, HTML::Mason, MySQL, Mozilla Firefox & Thunderbird, and Gnome.

All in all I'm an Open Source type of person.

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