René Seindal

A/B Ny Tøjhus 1

Andelsboligforeningen Ny Tøjhus 1, or NT1 for short, is a newly built co-op near the centre of Copenhagen. In consists of 105 apartments distributed in three blocks around an open courtyard. Most apartments are 90-110 sqm in size, with three or four rooms. The entire complex carries a price tag of 233m Danish kroner (around $39 million).

The co-op was founded in September 2002, and the first residents moved in in February 2004. All in all, it took two years from we signed up for our apartment until we could move in.

I'm serving a member of the Board of Directors since November 2003, currently as secretary.


Copenhagen X
Presentation of the project in English.
A/B Ny Tøjhus 1
The co-op's homepage. Most of the site is restricted to co-op members. The site is exclusively in Danish.
Pictures of the building phase
A private site with photographs from the construction phase. The commentary is in Danish.
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