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Informal CV for René Seindal

The basics

Name: René Seindal

Date of birth : December 3rd, 1964

Nationality: Danish

Place of residence: Castello, I-30122 Venice, Italia


2018 License as tour leader in Italy, accompagnatore turistico.

2014, 2016, 2017 Photography courses with Marc de Tollenaere.

2014 Fire prevention – safety at work course (CNA Venezia).

2013 Basic first aid (Italian Red Cross, Venezia).

2008 L2 Sea Kayak coach (DCF – the Danish Canoe and Kayak Federation).

2006 French classes (Studieskolen).

1988-93 M.A. (cand.mag.) in History and Italian, University of Copenhagen.

1984-88 M.Sc. in computer science and mathematics, University of Copenhagen.

1981-84 Highschool / GCSE (Søborg Gymnasium, Copenhagen).


2018-present History Walks Venice – walks and boat tours in Venice and the lagoon with historical themes.

2017-present Photo Walks Venice – photographic walks in Venice.

2011-19 Venice Kayak – owner of the limited company Venice Kayak Srl which organised tours in kayak in Venice and the lagoon.

2008-11 Venice Kayak – as sole proprietorship

2005-07 Metropol Online – backend programmer on the web sites fo the group Berlingske, the oldest Danish daily newspaper.

1999-2001 Magenta Aps – partner in a web desigh company, which specialised in web sites for ministries and governmental and parliamental organisations in Denmark.

1996-2008 Consultant, IT and programming.

1989-91 Wardrobe assistant at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen – part-time job during university studies.

1988-89 Ticket controller at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen – part-time job during university studies.

1986-92 System administrator for the Unix systems at DIKU, the computer science department of the University of Copenhagen – part-time 20 and 26 hours weekly during university studies.

1985-86 Programmer at Danmark’s Statistik (the national statistical bureau of Denmark) – part-time 20 hours weekly while studying.

1982-84 Mailman (substitute on weekends and during holidays).

1980-82 Newspaper boy in the morning hours before school (Monday to Saturday).

1979-80 Dish washer and cleaner in a food shop (Monday to Saturday after school).

Photography: exhibitions


Bassano Fotografia 2019 – Sconfinamenti, September 15th-November 3rd, 2019, participation with the club Marco Polo Fotografia with the collective L’altra Venezia.

Vetro Comune Denominatore, September 13th-October 13th, 2019, photographic exhibition organised by the City of Venice for Glass Week 2019. Participation with two photographs taken at Perlamadre Design.

L’altra Venezia, February 2nd-9th, 2018, collective exhibition with the club Marco Polo Fotografia. Participation with one photograph.


Venice Original – Progetto di riqualificazione urbana, Dicember 13th, 2018. Event by CNA for the promotion of Venetian artisans, with a photographic exhibition by the club Marco Polo Fotografia. Participation with three photographs taken tre taken in the workshop of oar-maker Saverio Pastor.

Festa del Redentore, July-September, 2018, participation with one photograph in the collective exhibition by the club Marco Polo Fotografia in the Laguna Libre restaurant in Venice.


Santa Croce 1-2359, 18-November 18th-25th, 2017, participation with one photograph in the collection exhibition by the club Marco Polo Fotografia.


Seindal, René, “Mafia, money and politics in Sicily 1950-1997“, 1998, Editore Museum Tusculanum, ISBN 87-7289-455-5 (revised Master’s thesis, translated by W. Glyn Jones).

René Seindal, “Mafia, penge og politik på Sicilien 1950-95“, Editore Museum Tusculanum, Copenaghen, ISBN 87-7289-310-9 (revised Master’s thesis).

Other publications

I’m the author of the first version of GNU m4 in the 1980s at university. The manual has been printed and published several times by various publishers, mostly American. At least it appears so on Amazon.

I have a personal blog in English, from 1999.

Language skills

listening / reading
interac. / prod.
DanishC2 / C2C2 / C2C2
EnglishC2 / C2C1 / C1C1
ItalianC1 / C1C1 / C1C1
GermanA1 / A1A1 / A1A1
FrenchA1 / A1A1 / A1A1

My mother tongue is Danish.

I’ve learned English from childhood in school, from fifth grade until the end of high school, and I’ve used to ever since for study and work.

Italian is from my time in university in the 1990s, and afterwards living, studing and working in Italy.

In primary school I had German, but I’ve used it very little afterwards and it is rather rudimentary.

I studied French for one year in 2006, but I’ve used it little and it has remained at a beginner’s level.

In high school I studied Russian, but by now its all forgotten for lack of use.

During and after the Gulf war in 2001 I took courses in Arabic at the University of Copenhagen, but had to stop due to other obligations.

I’ve taken classes in Latin during my time in university.

Other activities

2007-08 Circumnavigation of the island of Sardinia by sea kayak


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